Andorville™ Application Network


The Andorville™ Application Network uses the Microsoft® Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF) to allow Andorville™ applications to exchange information and interact to perform higher level functions.

The Main Form

The Andorville™ Application Network main form shows the parameters of the selected project including the project name and description. When the application is started it hosts a WCF service and manages the exchange of messages between connected applications.

Pressing the "Project" button opens the project selection form.
Pressing the "Application Info" button opens the Application Information form, which shows information about the software including the license and source code.
Pressing the "Messages" button opens the Messages window, which shows messages for the application user and XMessage instructions exchanged between applications connected to the Network.

Application Network main form

The Connections Tab

The Connections tab shows information about applications connected to the Network.
When an application disconnects, the corresponding entry on this tab is removed.

Application Network Connections tab

The Applications Tab

The Applications tab shows information about all applications available in the software library.
When an application is connected for the first time, a corresponding entry is automatically added to this list.

Pressing the Start App button starts the application selected on the list. If the "Connect to network" checkbox is selected, the application will also connect to the Network.

Application Network Connections tab

Work in Progress

The Projects and Processes tabs are shown on the form but the code for these features has not been completed.
When complete, selecting an Application Network project will show only the relevant Applications, Projects and Processes.