Andorville™ Coordinates Client Application


Andorville™ Coordinates Client demonstrates the exchange of information with the Coordinates application through the Application Network.
The Application Network and Coordinates application must be running and connected to the network before the Coordinates Client can perform coordinate conversions.

The Coordinates Client does not contain any conversion code but is able to request the Coordinates application to perform the conversion then receive and display the results.

The Main Form

The main application form has an Angles tab and a Projections tab
Angles can be converted between different units on the Angles tab.
Geodetic latitude and longitude coordinates can be converted to projected easting an northing coordinates on the Projections tab.

The required projected coordinate reference system is selected from a drop-down list. The "Update List" button is pressed to initially populate this list. The list is obtained from the Coordinates application over the Network. Once populated, the list is saved for use during later sessions.

Coordinates Client Application main form

The XMessages Window

The XMessages window displays information that is exchanged between applications on the Network.

Information is exchanged using an XMessage XML format. An XMessage uses a simplified XSequence format, which is an AL-H7™ Information Vector Sequence stored in an XML format. AL-H7™ is the name of the language used by Andorville™ Software to store processing sequences, data sets and mathematical expressions.

The first XMessage shown in the window is titled "Application Info Message sent to ApplicationNetwork".
Messages sent by the application have red titles and messages received from another application have blue titles.
The first message is sent to the Application Network to provide information about the application when it connects.
This is used to update the list of connected applications and is added to the application library if required.

The second message is titled "Message sent to ADVL_Coordinates_1".
This message is sent when the "Convert" button is pressed on the Coordinates Client form.
The message specifies the projected coordinate reference system and the format and values of the latitude and longitude input coordinates. The message also specifies the type and format of the required output coordinates. The message contains the "ConvertCoordinates" commmand, which triggers the Coordinates application to calculate the projected coordinates and send the return message.

The third message is titled "Message Received". This message contains the requested easting and northing values. The Coordinates Client application displays these values at the required output location on the form.

The Coordinates Client XMessages Form